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Music : Track of Areezy – Philomena Is Out

Areezy” is an Afro Pop Artist who was born on Sep/27/1997 ‎in Itire Lagos but  was brought up in Surulere lagos. He is a descendant of oyo state. He was born in the family of three (3) and is the last born of the family. Read More

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“Lagos Based Wife Exposes How Her Husband Now Last up to 35Minutes During Sex With Her and Added Extra 3.5inches to Make His Manhood BIGGER…

All Thanks to this NAFDAC Approved Solution
that Permanently Cures Chronic Premature
Ejaculation and Weak Erections”

NO Side Effects, Effective and 100% Guaranteed

If you are man reading this and between the ages of 30 to 70years, I am about to share with you my experience of how my marriage almost ended up in crisis due to my husband’s small manhood and his inability to last for more than 40seconds during sex.

Here’s my story: I got married to my husband about 2 years ago. We have one kid already and when we started the marriage, our sex life was great.

But later on, I discovered that my husband could hardly get hard erections, and anytime he wants to penetrate me during sex. His manhood will be numb and soft.

And when we had sex he could not perform for up to 20 seconds before he will release his semen everywhere. 

He always had an excuse of too much stress and pressure from work and so on.

Even most of the time, I would be the one to initiate the sex. It was as if my husband manhood was dead and no longer active as a man.

I was frustrated, sad and confused.

How could I continue with a man that is suffering from weak erections and premature ejaculation for the rest of my life?

…a man that could hardly satisfy me in bed and
can’t last up to even 2 minutes during sex?

Even worse his manhood is so small and it hardly pleases me!

I almost cheated on him with my ex-boyfriend because truth be told my ex was a complete man in bed and handles me during sex the way I want it.

But I did not want to hurt my marriage that was already collapsing. For months, I and my husband did not have sex, no romance and no intimacy.

Later on, I could not bear it any longer. So I threatened my husband that I would pack out of the house and be separated from him unless he looked for solution to the problem.

During this period, my husband tried several things just to improve his sexual performance.

He tried several drugs from pharmacy, local herbs and bitters, and even enlargement devices but most of them only worked temporarily and even worse, some had negative side effects to his health.

We were about giving up before the breakthrough
suddenly came for my husband.

One of our family friend, who is also a men health specialist came visiting, and it was then my husband narrated his ordeal of how he has suffered for several years of releasing too quick during sex and how his manhood is so tiny that he has lost his sexual confidence as a man.

The men health specialist promised to help us and recommended two curative solution for my husband.

The first solution the men health specialist gave my husband was an enlargement oil imported that from Japan that increases the length and girth of penis, and also delays your ejaculation to make you enjoy more sex with your woman… so you don’t release too fast.

“Here’s the penis enlargement oil that helped my husband increase the
size of his manhood… and have also helped more than
1,300 Nigerian men increase their penis too”

What my husband simply did was to use the enlargement oil to massage his manhood and testicles before going to bed.

Within 2 weeks of using the enlargement oil, I started noticing that my husband manhood which was quite small have now increased in size and it has become longer.

One night while we were about making love, I touched my husband’s penis and was surprised that it has become more fatter and longer.

So we decided to have sex that night, and I was moaning with pleasure. Before that time, when my husband manhood was small, I never make any sound during sex, I just remain quiet all through.

But this time around the sex was something different because of my husband’s bigger manhood.

To ensure it was real, my husband had to take out a measuring tape and measure his manhood.

My husband penis which was around 3.2inches when flaccid, has now increased to 5.3inches in just 2 weeks!

And we decided to share it with a family friend that had similar issues of poor sexual performances, and it worked for them too. My husband’s friend was surprised at the results he got using the mk enlargement oil: increase in penis size and stronger erections.

“It’s 101% working”… like my husband friend
told him after using it…

My husband continued using the penis enlargement oil and after a few more weeks, I noticed his penis size has increased again from 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches.

And right now, it’s up to 7.3 inches in length and the width is much fatter, it’s keeps growing.

You will be able to achieve results like
this in just one month…

What makes this MK enlargement oil so effective?

MK enlargement oil is recommended by hundreds of men health expert because it has been verified to increase or enlarge penis by more than 20%.

Using the enlargement oil helps growth of manhood of more than 2 – 3cm gradually, it greatly increases sperm quality and volume.

You will also be able to provide your woman pleasure and greatly enhanced sexual intercourse due to better erections and increased manhood size.

Apart from increasing the manhood size, another thing the enlargement oil does is to delay your ejaculation, so you do not release too quick when you make love to your woman.

Instead you last 20minutes and more during sex, and continuous application of the enlargement oil increases your manhood size.

The enlargement oil has no side effects, it’s for external use only and safe.

Truth is, I was surprised that my husband situation finally improved when he started using the MK enlargement oil.

  • No more 1 minute of sex and releasing too quick, instead we make love for 20minutes and he is still thrusting my vagina like a real man.
  • His manhood was already increasing, he measured it and it has increased by 2.3inches within the first 2 weeks and 3 days
  • His manhood was now BIGGER and BETTER, so I love to give him blowjob before sex, and to play with his manhood

Now, my husband experience the joy of having “a big penis” with rock hard erections that satisfies me woman during sex… and even have her begging for more.

Also, he started using the recommended solution from the specialist doctor, that helped men to last longer during sex called “Premature Ejaculation Killer”.

The Premature Ejaculation Killer also known as Mascum Herbal Pride is the main solution that took my husband from lasting just 1 – 3 minutes to lasting for up to 30 minutes in bed… and even still get hard erections for more rounds of sex.

NAFDAC Registration NO = A7-0887L

Mascum Herbal Pride is a Natural Herbal Supplement that helps you last longer, get steady hard rock erections for extra rounds of sex, corrects
weakness of the penis and also helps boost sperm count and libido.

The 50 capsules inside a container of Mascum Herbal Pride will help you
completely cure your quick ejaculation problem!

Mascum Herbal Pride is made of a pure herbal ingredients produced to boost male sexual performance.

And the reason Mascum Herbal pride helps improve your sexual performance tremendously is because it does a couple of unique things for you…

Mascum Herbal Prride is made from natural herbal ingredients that helps you last longer for up to 25minutes during sex.
Mascum Herbal Pride enhances and improves your erection, so you can stay hard and strong, and have better penetration during sex.
Suffering from watery sperm or low sperm count? Mascum Herbal Pride helps you improve your libido, and also cure watery sperm, so as to make it thick and increase sperm count. The thickness of semen and normal count of sperms is an indication of a healthy man. Mascum herbal pride will help restore your system.
You will feel amazing knowing you have the power to deeply satisfy your wife, girlfriend or casual lovers and give her multiple orgasms
Your spouse or lover will be willing to try even more enjoyable and fun sex positions with you…
You’ll get to feel incredible about having your lover ask you for sex, because it makes her feel so amazing
She will begin to show appreciation, love, care and support for you…
And most of all you’ll have the security of knowing you’re the best lover she’s ever had and she has no reason to go looking for satisfaction anywhere else.

The best part about Mascum Herbal Pride is that

  1. it’s 100percent natural, it has no side effect on you even if you are a diabetic or hypertensive patients.
  2. Also, it’s safe for Nigerian men no matter how old you are.
  3. Even though you have been struggling with these problems of premature ejaculation and weak erections for years, it will surely help you permanently cure it.
  4. Just 1 container of mascum herbal pride is enough to cure you of your sexual problems and end the miserable life of living with poor erections and quick ejaculation
  5. Once you start using it, you no longer have to suffer from watery sperm, just use mascum herbal pride with natural honey to cure watery sperm.

Right now, its your turn to transform your sexual life using these 2 powerful solutions.

Right now, I and my husband are enjoying sex like we are young couples again. No more fights and quarrel anymore in our home because he satisfies me like a man should do.

It’s not about being rich or being handsome… it’s about how your manhood down there can perform during sex.

If you can’t get good erections when you wake up in the morning, or you release within 2mins of making love to your woman, then you need the 2 solutions right away.

If you ignore your problem, then get ready to face the consequences because your girlfriend will soon start complaining and she may run to another man that can satisfy her.

Imagine how great it feels to wake up and be confident that you have a BIG penis and that rare sexual ability to last for up to 35 minutesor as long as you desire…

Imagine you giving your woman or spouse great sex that satisfies her completely like a real man…

Now, you can finally end the shame and nightmare of premature ejaculation for good, while having rock hard erections that will fully penetrate and pleasure a woman for hours on end…

And this is exactly what have helped lot of Nigerian men who were once like you achieve, they’ve transform their sex life by using these 2 products – mascum herbal pride and MK enlargement oil.

Below are feedbacks and success stories from Nigerian Men
who were once like you but have now used these
2 life changing products…

thanks for introducing this product to me and my friend, for the first 2weeks of using your mk enlargement oil, and I have gained about about 1.5 inches and also my penis is now longer and fatter.

Too bad that I was suffering in silence for all this years because within few seconds of penetrating my woman I use to release.

My fiancée almost broke up our relationship because she said I was too weak during sex.

But now she wants us to have sex every night she spends in my place, since I started using that your mascum herbal pride cos it helps me last up to 20minutes and she likes it.

Tanx for helping men like us get this ur wonderful product.

Mr. Bamidele, Lagos

Here’s another testimonial from a satisfied customer…

I must confess that before came across your article online, my quick ejaculation condition was something I was really ashamed of.

I tried several stuff that didn’t work so I was doubtful. But my wife said we shouldn’t give up and even she advised me to go ahead and try your mascum herbal pride.

Now from lasting just 3 minutes with my woman before, I have started using mascum and gradually I now last for about 25mins to 30 mins during sex with my wife, besides my penis is always ready to go another round with her.

My self confidence in the bedroom is back and I am enjoying sex and my marriage once again.

Engr. Charles, Port Harcourt.

Yet another feedback from Suleiman at Kaduna…

“Your MK enlargement oil is working”

I’ve been using your MK enlargement oil for 2 weeks now. Need to let you know that your product is helping me. I only use the enlargement oil 4 times in a week because am not really chanced due to the nature of my job.

Since then I have gained about 1.8 inches and my penis is becoming thick.

I know with time my penis will become bigger using this enlargement oil. Thanks for your help bro.

I will order the product for one of my colleague and friend soon because he has been experiencing same problem too. Thanks for your help sir.

Danjuma (Chikun, Kaduna)

As you have seen, these products works, they have worked for over 1,300 Nigerian men, and I am sure it will work for you also. Listen, this is your chance to dramatically change your sex life, your relationships, start performing at a high sexual level and satisfy your woman.

How Much is the MK Enlargement Oil and Mascum
Herbal Pride, And How Can You Get It?

You see, I want to make sure this 2-in-1 solution will get in the hands of as much Nigerian men that really want to make use of it to finally put an end to premature ejaculation and also permanently increase the size of their penis.

So, I arranged to get the MK enlargement oil and the premature killer, mascum herbal pride in bulk purchase for a special discount.

That means you can now get the 2-in-1 solution at a very affordable price…

But, there are only 100 bottles of the Mascum herbal pride and MK enlargement Oil available in stock…. so this is a limited time offer!

Here ‘s the deal… if you are among those that place an order today, you will get the Mascum Herbal Pride at N15,000 only… instead of paying the normal price of 19,500. So when you order today, you enjoy the promo price and save some money.

Below is the breakdown of the price of the products if you are ordering today.

* If you are getting just the Mascum Herbal Pride, you will pay N15,000…

* While if you are getting the MK Enlargement oil, you will be paying just N13,000 only…

But there’s even more… to make this easier and affordable for you, if you are getting the 2 products, you will have access to a N6,000 discount.

That means to get both Mascum Herbal Pride and MK Enlargement oil, you only pay N22,000.

Yes, you no longer pay the normal price of N28,000… just N22,000 for the 2 productsand the entire thing is packaged discreetly and sent to you wherever you are in Nigeria.

Would you rather get the 2-in-1 solutions at the very cheap price now of N22,000 or wait till the price goes up to N55,000 in the next few days?

or would you want to continue with having a small penis and keep suffering the shame of not being able to satisfy your woman during sex for the rest of your life?

I’m offering you a chance to change your sexual life today…

So you need to hurry, act fast, place order and get these solutions right now…

No worries at all, to completely eliminate your fear of getting the product delivered to you after payment, you will have access to “Payment on Delivery Option” or call it “cash n carry”.

You will pay for the products only when it
has been brought down to you face to face
by our courier service agent.

Pay on Delivery Option Available
to All States in Nigeria

Here’s How to Order and Your own
Mascum Herbal Pride & MK OIL
at a Discount Price today
Depending on the product that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for only “Mascum Herbal Pride”… indicate the code MASCUM in your text message…

*If you are ordering for only “MK Enlargement Oil”
indicate it “MK OIL” in your text message…

*If you want to order for the 2 products together…
text “Mascum AND MK OIL”…

Mascum Herbal Pride ONLY – N15,000
MK OIL ONLY – N13,000
MASCUM & MK OIL – N22,000

Here’s what to send to us…

Text the CODE with the following information below…

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Phone Number
3. Delivery Address

Send This Information as a text message to 08182749616

Please Note: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a SMS and Call from us within 24 hours to confirm your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.


Once we received your order, and your details are correct, you will receive an sms or call confirmation from us. Your products will then be sent to our courier service partner and the items should get to you within 2-5 Days.

If you have any question about this outside the information given on this website already, please kindly call us on 08182749616

Note: The product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know
what’s inside, and every other information will be kept
private and 100% confidential.

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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu reveals those behind Anambra church killings

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has alleged that the leaders of the apex Igbo organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, were behind the gunman attack on worshippers in St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu in Anambra state.

He made the allegations while addressing IPOB members who paid him a visit at his Umuahia residence yesterday.

According to him, Ohanaeze leadership allegedly accepted financial inducement from anti-Biafra individuals and organization to divide the opinions of South-easterners through various media statements so that terror could be unleashed on the people already divided in thoughts.

He further dismissed the reports that claim the shooting was a product of on-going feud between two overseas-based drug barons of Igbo origin.

Kanu said: “They have killed our people in Onitsha. They have been to the church to massacre our people in Ozubulu.

“When we ask you not to vote, people don’t understand. Those you are voting for cannot protect you. I warned you four years ago that a time will come when they would come into your house, your villages to massacre you and nobody will protect you. It has happened. Hasn’t it?

“They want us to vote in Anambra where they are killing our people; where they cannot protect us.

“The only reason why they want you to vote is because of the monthly allocation so that they can keep sharing money every month.

“They don’t care about you. They don’t give a damn about you.

“Do you know why they killed people at Ozubulu?

“The enemies are very clever. Since, I came out of prison they could not attack. They were waiting to drive a division between us and the politicians in Abuja; and your governors; and Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

“When they saw that we (Igbos) were together, they couldn’t do anything. They kept waiting. They kept giving them (South-East governors and Ohanaeze leadership) money to attack IPOB.

“The moment they started doing what they were told, the enemies knew it was the time to strike.

“Our people are not reasonable enough to understand the threat facing them.

“Tell me where in this world you have a governor like you have in Anambra, and the enemy will come and strike.

“The killing in Ozubulu is an example of how the enemy works. They first of all come and try your resolve and when you resist them, they use subterfuge to divide you. Once they see any space, they strike. Ohanaeze must know this.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo is responsible for the death of the people in Ozubulu.

See video below:

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Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria Pay a visit to Sierra Leone President:

  • Dr. Adesola Adeduntan, MD/CEO, First Bank of Nigeria Limited (middle) with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria Read More

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Finally, Yomi Casual Is Engaged

Yomi Casual

Fashion designer Omoniyi Makun popularly known as Yomi Casual got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Grace yesterday at the Funnybone Untamed II comedy show in Eko Hotel & Suites.

Faith is the brain behind Fab Jewels.

The designer took to his the Instagram page the show off the beautiful ring which had Mrs Makun engraved on it.

Yomi Casual

The proposal

He proposed while Styl Plus‘ hits song “Olufunmi” was playing in the background and Grace was dancing, oblivious to what was about to take place. Actor and long-time friend of the designer, Gbenro Ajibadehanded over the ring to him as he got down on one knee and the rest is history.

The aftermath

After the proposal, and her saying yes, friends of the couple were overjoyed and excited.


New M-Visa Was Brought To Nigerians

New payments method! payment leader Visa has launched M-Visa, its innovative mobile payment service, in Nigeria. The solution is being rolled out across Africa.

Consumers from Visa’s Nigerian partner banks can pay with any mobile phone wherever mVisa is accepted. mVisa transactions are processed via Visa’s global network, VisaNet, applying the same scale, security and reliability as any other Visa transaction.

From today, Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank and First Bank will offer their customers the convenience of mVisa through their mobile banking apps. Access Bank, Ecobank, United Bank for Africa and Zenith Bank will go live with mVisa in the coming weeks. Nigeria is the first market to provide customers the convenience of making cross-border payments using mVisa.

Speaking at the launch event, Andrew Torre, President for Visa Sub-Saharan Africa said, “Small and medium merchants in particular, no longer have to invest in expensive point of sale infrastructure as mVisa gives them the freedom to accept payments in a convenient, secure and affordable manner that their customers trust.”

“We are very excited to see more and more merchants come on board every day as they begin to understand the benefits that mVisa brings, including real-time notifications of payments and access to sales and transactions history. We have campaigns lined up for the coming months to support our merchants and encourage new customers to experience mVisa at various locations across Nigeria.” Torre said

“Today, Visa and its financial institution partners are, for the first time, providing the benefits of digital commerce to potentially everyone, everywhere across Nigeria and the African continent, bringing millions more people into the formal financial system.”

Diamond Bank’s Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Uzoma Dozie, stated that the launch of mVisa is timely and aligns with the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the digital growth strategy of the bank.

‘’With mVisa, Diamond Bank has raised the bar for cashless banking in Nigeria by maintaining its leadership role in driving digital financial revolution in the country. Our customers will be able to make everyday payments simply by using their mobile phones. I think mVisa is the biggest thing that has happened in the industry.”
Fidelity Bank CIO, Gbolahan Joshua, said: “mVisa is an innovative service that merges the everyday mobile phone to a payment solutions plan that is easy for our customers to use.
Our account holders will appreciate the convenience mVisa offers.”
FirstBank’s Group Head, E-Business, Chuma Ezirim said that the Bank would continue to embrace innovation to deliver superior services in the best way possible to its customers. ”Partnering with Visa to deliver mVisa is part of the FirstBank’s strategy to deliver reliable, secure and convenient payment options to its esteemed customers. It further promotes our digital approach by delivering omni-channel experience to all our customers while enhancing our existing offerings”, he reiterated.
mVisa is already accepted at hundreds of locations across the country with many more merchants joining the ecosystem over the new few months. These merchants include DSTV,, Genesis and IMAX Cinemas, Hard Rock Café, Quickteller and Spar.
The mVisa implementation in Nigeria benefited from the Visa Developer Platform, which allowed all partner banks the ability to integrate the mVisa APIs directly into their mobile banking apps. While rolling out a new solution with a bank typically can take a very long time from development to implementation and testing, utilizing the Visa Developer Platform interface reduced the time taken significantly. This helped to speed up the number of banks who have been able to roll out the mVisa solution in Nigeria.

mVisa is now live in Nigeria, Kenya, India, Rwanda and Egypt with plans to launch across Africa.

today from Naijahipop :


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[News] Frank Lampard explains why Antonio Conte wants more Chelsea summer signings


The Chelsea legend believes Antonio Conte is worried about the prospect of losing to key players ahead of the new season

Frank Lampard believes Antonio Conte is desperate to make some more signings to replace to key Chelsea players.

The Blues lost to Arsenal on penalties in the Community Shield at Wembley on Sunday after Bosnian defender Sead Kolasinac cancelled out Victor Moses’ opener in normal time.

The Premier League champions made the strange decision to sell Nemanja Matic to their direct title rivals Manchester United in a £40m deal last week.

The Serbia international was a key member of Conte’s squad that won the Premier League crown with two games to spare in the Italian’s first season in England.

Diego Costa has been told that he is free to leave the English champions at the right price this summer amid talk of interest from Atletico Madrid and AC Milan.

Chelsea have signed goalkeeper Willy Caballero, German defender Antonio Rudiger, holding midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko and Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata.

The Blues have also seen six players leave Stamford Bridge in the summer transfer window.

And Chelsea legend Lampard believes Conte is worried about his depleted squad ahead of their title defence.

“If you read between the lines, Conte wants more signings,” Lampard told BT Sport.

“Chelsea still have that quality but you can see that he wants more. He’s concerned, they’re going to lost Costa, they’ve lost Matic.

“They’ve bought players in but I think he wants more because they’re going to be fighting on the Champions League front.”

Chelsea will start the defence of their Premier League crown with a home clash against Burnley at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Conte will be hoping to retain their top-flight title unlike Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team that finished in tenth place less than 12 months after their 2014-15 success.




























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Music: Mista rhyme – If No Be God ft Lazkiddy hrh


Mista Rhyme serves up another single with  –Laskiddy hrh as they both thank the almighty on this reflective number titled “If No Be God 

produced by Lazkiddy


Listen up

Download Here


Video: Mr.Nek’Savvy ft Placid – Nwayo official Video


“In conjunction with Habid Global Musics, Mr.neksavvy presents the official video for hit single, “Nwayo” featuring Placid

Since releasing the audio at the beginning of 2017, NekSavvy has been making waves with his “Nwayo” rap anthem, enthused with traditional Igbo musical instruments
Having whipped up a storm on social media, and having generated an strong army of fans and supporters, “Nwayo”is an infectious banger, that has certainly put NekSavvy at the forefront of new talent to watch out throughout the duration of this year.
Shot in Owerri and Lagos and directed by Lynford Calton,
DownLoad And Enjoy

Watch below